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Tenaj is a Libra, which says alot right there, she's beautiful in every sense of the word. She really loves life & happiness for others, and has a special connection to dogs and the elderly. She doesn't know the word quit, it's not in her blood to lose. She holds several State Championships in the Track She's an excellent listener, and Best Friend, I could have.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her. My Wife, My Heart,

My Tenaj


Tino is quiet, and sometimes socially awkward. He stumbles his words and thoughts at times on camera and Youtube has been a challenge, but he does try. He can make some excellent drinks, and can cook pretty good. Tino also, lost his heart in Iraq due to combat, so he relies on Tenaj's heart to continue to show him what love and emotions are. That's why I call my wife, "My Heart"

Our Story

After watching countless hours of HGTV's House Hunters Intl. Tenaj & I began to question life, "How are these people able to live abroad inexpensively, and why can't we do it?" We decided we were tired of same old 9-5 job, and only living for the weekends.

We were through! After a year of research and planning, in 2018 we decided to hit the reset button on life. We quit our jobs, sold our home, paid off all our debts and moved to Malaysia. While living in Malaysia from 2018-2019, we we able to visit 6 countries in Southeast Asia.

In 2019, we decided to housesit around the world, which then landed us in Central and South America for 8 months. Then in 2020, Covid-19 shut the world down and our international travel life!

While Covid-19 was ruining the world, we were determined to continue traveling, so with no experience, we spent 2020-2021 building out a Mercedes Benz 2500 Sprinter and made it our tiny home. It's now 2022 and we've been on the road experiencing "van life" until the next chapter in our lives!

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